The instructional content of this DVD is intended only for professionals in law enforcement, corrections, and the security industry. This interactive course focuses on officer safety whilst ensuring a successful arrest and search if necessary. Luke Holloway is a government accredited trainer & assessor, certifies handcuffing instructor and is a full-time training provider to police & security teams in Tokyo, Japan. With the experience of hundreds of professionals training with Luke along with his own he will be sharing with you some of the crucially important impacting factors when arresting a suspect or assailant. We look at various situations and things to be aware of to ensure you safety when arresting & searching as a professional. Luke shows you how to ensure you can make a safe and successful arrest from a wide range of sitting & standing positions along with take downs and restraints heavily considering and implementing crucial elements of weapon retention, which in these days is such a very important concept and element to law enforcement training.

This volume is a MUST for the professional in law enforcement, corrections, or the security industry

NTSC Version Made in Japan

Tactical Hand Cuffing, Arresting, & Searching Tech

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