NEW VERSION - REMADE - Footage from Recent Euro Tour with Luke Holloway & TDI Joakim F. 

This Volume covers all the skills you need to survive a violent encounter!

Whether it be a simple threat, a violent shove or a psycho trying to punch your head in; self protection & survival expert Luke Holloway shows you the skills he’s used to survive the streets in his many years working as a bouncer and professional bodyguard! Luke takes you through all the dirty fighting skills of slapping for shock entries & distraction, head butting, biting, control holds, knee crushing, hair pulling, slapping and much more bone crushing intensive CQC punching, kicking, kneeing, & elbowing with brutal effectiveness! Learn the skills from a real survivor!

Add this to your collection to truly keep it raw!!!

NTSC Version Made in Japan

RCI’s Urban Survival: HOW TO FIGHT!

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