This volume includes third party protection concepts, theory and practice explained and demonstrated in depth by Luke Holloway.

Some footage was taken from courses in the US and some in Belgium; therefore part of this DVD is also translated into French.

Participants in the courses shown in in this DVD are active security, close protection operatives, and law enforcement officers. Here is your chance to get the ‘tricks of the trade’ by the pros!

Lear how to plan and deal with high-stress situations and protect your VIP (which could even be a loved one) as the pros do!

In this DVD you also receive a free introduction to transport security, teaching you how to use the vehicle as bodyguards do! This DVD is one of many in a new series about to be released! This is a must have in the library for those who are looking to become a professional, update or further their professional knowledge and skills or even those who just want to be able to protect their loved ones to the BEST of their ability!

RAW Security Training: Close Protection

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